Modeling Consumer Demand for Complexion Cosmetics (Part 1: Abstract)

I have been wearing cosmetics since adolescence, and I have heard through beauty gurus (vloggers whose emphasis is reviewing and discussing cosmetics) in addition to other wearers of cosmetics, that makeup brands exhibit discrimination and racism towards people of deeper skin tones. While I am fully capable of writing a cogent debunking of such claims qualitatively through economic logic, I would rather use data-backed models.

Abstract: To test the claim that cosmetics institutions exhibit racism, I will collect data on the habits of foundation and concealer consumption for both drug-store products and high-end products. This data will be collected through both surveys and observational experiments within different department stores. Those surveyed will have their identities kept anonymous. Subsequent to collecting the consumer data, I will use statistical analysis to observe, analyze, and evaluate the correlations between skin-tone deepness and availability of cosmetics. After statistical analysis, the fundamental economic principles of supply and demand will be applied to test the claim that makeup brands practice discrimination.

Published by Daniel Ballesteros

An aspiring labor economist.

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