Modeling Consumer Demand for Complexion Cosmetics (Part 1: Abstract)

I have been wearing cosmetics since adolescence, and I have heard through beauty gurus (vloggers whose emphasis is reviewing and discussing cosmetics) in addition to other wearers of cosmetics, that makeup brands exhibit discrimination and racism towards people of deeper skin tones. While I am fully capable of writing a cogent debunking of such claimsContinue reading “Modeling Consumer Demand for Complexion Cosmetics (Part 1: Abstract)”

A Capitalist’s Perspective on the Economics Sub-disciplines

Disclaimer: While Fridays are typically reserved for polemics and analysis, I am currently preparing for upcoming examinations that require me to allocate more energy away from this blog for the next few weeks. The Friday posts for the next fortnight will lack rigor, and until then, readers will have to be satiated by my opinionContinue reading “A Capitalist’s Perspective on the Economics Sub-disciplines”

Plato Was a Prescient Communist and Aristotle Was Confused: Rebuking the Sacrosanct Philosophers

There is no surreptitiousness surrounding the fact that much of Western thought and civilization is Greek. Poet-philosopher Samuel Coleridge’s famous quote “every man is born either an Aristotelian or Platonist” invokes concern if it holds true. Frankly, the choices are unprepossessing: a dictatorial communist or a consistently self-contradicting and confused arriviste, but if I hadContinue reading “Plato Was a Prescient Communist and Aristotle Was Confused: Rebuking the Sacrosanct Philosophers”

Apparel Retail: Sizeism or a Lesson in Economics?

Do you ever have difficulty finding clothes that fit you? Maybe clothes always seem a little too big. Perhaps clothes always feel a little too short or long for your body. The conspicuous truth is that human beings coalesce all sorts of different topological formations. Some of us are Rubenesque, and some of us slim.Continue reading “Apparel Retail: Sizeism or a Lesson in Economics?”